iPhone 12: A New Generation Smart Phone


Apple has once again presented us with the all new iPhone 12. The new phone features a great design and is loaded with features that make it perfect for the frequent traveler. The phone’s 3.5 inch keyboard provides enhanced text messaging and emailing experience. Along with the bigger screen size, there are other features also which are worth considering before deciding to buy iPhone 12. Some of these are in the review section below.

A 14.2 mega pixel camera with image stabilization is a great addition to the iPhone 12. One Plus side note, the phone also comes with OPE-EDL Battery, a high capacity Lithium Polymer battery. This is the same kind of battery that the iPhone 8 Plus uses but the difference is that the iPhone 12’s has a larger pack. The OPE-EDL Battery will last twice as long as the iPhone 8 Plus, which is great news as you can be sure that you don’t have to use your cell very often.

A major difference between the two phones is the iPhone 12 has an all new feature called “prosumer mode”. It allows users to use Facebook and Twitter on the iPhone while the iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 uses the built in ios apps. For some reason, the iPhone 12 is missing this feature. It is pretty sure that Apple have decided to discontinue it or they are just waiting for the sales of the iPhone 12 to recover. iphone 12

Now for the camera department, the iPhone 12 has got one major advantage over the iPhone 13 – the iPhone 12 has a two mega pixels camera. It has a big advantage when it comes to photo shooting as the iPhone 12 can shoot in 12 MP. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 only has a single mega pixel camera. However, it does have a good feature – optical zoom. I mean if you are taking a photo of a thin object and want to make it look like it is much bigger than it actually is, the optical zoom feature will do that for you.

However, there is also one major disadvantage with the iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12s. This disadvantage is the lack of OPE-EDL battery. The iPhone 12 has two Mega Pixels, which is much lower than the iPhone 13’s which has four mega pixels. This means that the quality of the image will be low in low light. The iPhone 12s however has six mega pixels, which is much better when it comes to taking pictures in low light situations.

There is still a lot of hype that surrounds the iPhone 12. Most reviews however are talking more about the iPhone 12s and not the iPhone 12. If you are planning to buy the iPhone 12, it would be a wise idea to check out the iPhone 12 first, since it is the newest release of this gadget. You can easily find iPhone 12s in physical stores and on the internet. However, there are many online shops where you can buy iPhone 12s as well.

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